Two Part Moulds

Specac Ltd – Analytical Instrument
Many enclosures are created from two or more moulded parts forming a structurally sound and solid unit supporting internal electronics, optical, and other components in a stylish cohesive format.


Perkin Elmer – Laboratory Instrument
This large and complex instrument cover – a paean to style – utilises a 10-part tool to create a curvaceous and daring design. Although eight separate loose-blocks must be fitted and removed for each impression this enables the tremendous styling freedom of this design.


Fairford Electronics –
Electrical Chassis Component
This electrical sub-chassis for Fairford Electronics is a purely structural component on which is built a digital soft-start electrical unit: our original cast and machined aluminium mould tool has produced over 5,000 impressions of these parts over the last 20 years.

Lightweight & Waterproof

Papercast Ltd – E-paper Displays

New lightweight and waterproof enclosure transformed these innovative e-paper bus stop timetables into a display robust enough to survive the high speed and high energy environment of an Americas Cup cockpit.


Pall Electronics – Test Equipment
This 5-part, Beechcraft designed portable enclosure – replacing 4 separate instruments – is for on-ship electronic testing and is extremely robust, with the battery and display case moulded in a special, extra tough, urethane system.


Omega Systems – Medical Instrument
This Beechcraft designed housing follows a popular format of a stylish moulded PU case enclosed on the underside with an inexpensive metal baseplate. This format allows a high degree of custom styling and structural possibilities whilst keeping mould and part costs low.


Specac Ltd – Spectral Analyser
This small unit is compact and sturdy and has to be a very solid and stable structure as it encloses electronic and optical components that require a high degree of structural rigidity. It has solid internal load-bearing areas as well as sealing grooves, access panels and precise side-cored apertures.

Design Challenges

Research Instrument

These structural components required extra tight tolerances to mate with precise injection-moulded mechanisms, all located in a complex undercut structure with a multitude of multi-plane fixings.

Musical Instruments

Serpent Horn
To create functional replicas of medieval musical instruments we made cast-resin tools from carved wood patterns based on MRI-type scans of a genuine antique instrument. The two moulded halves are bonded and made-good, then finished to replicate an original 17th Century instrument.

Moulded Detail

BioRobotics – Medical Instrument
Finely detailed logos or names can be created in reverse from a spark-eroded brass plaque, which is cast into the mould to provide the concise definition of a non-removable feature.