Moulding Materials

  • Our standard PU system is S1140/11 flame-retardent Rigid polyurethane Foam System: it is self-skinning and suitable for producing rigid, high density structural mouldings.
  • This material is recognised as complying with UL94 requirements and is rated V0 and it has a reference E173211.
  • The material is CFC-free and has an ozone depletion potential (OPD) of zero.

Paint Finishes

  • All our mouldings are thoroughly abraded by grit-blasting prior to making good any surface blemishes and then primed before applying one or two coats of two-pack PU enamels.
  • Various finishes can be specified using these paints varying from the popular traditional hard-wearing spatter/texture right up to a variety of high gloss level finishes.

EMC Coatings

  • Many enclosures require some degree of Electro Magnetic Coating and we provide this by spraying RFI coatings to internal surfaces as required.
  • Our standard Nickel or Copper RFI paint is a popular coating providing standard level of EMC protection down to a resistivity of <5 ohms square, adequate for normal purposes.
  • If necessary, other protective materials such as silver or gold coatings can be applied which will provide a much higher level of EMC protection.

Moulded-in Threaded Inserts

  • It is always preferable to mould-in our standard brass inserts for maximum security – an M4 insert for example will typically provide a pull-strength of around 140lbs (65 kilos) when moulded-in with 3mm of material moulded around it. This would equate to a 12mm diameter boss for an M3 or M4 insert.

Silk Screen Printing

  • We can screen print multi-coloured logos and text in surprisingly fine detail. Just provide us with artwork or film positives.