As we are accredited with BS ISO 9001 we are confidently able to offer not only guidelines and help with product design advice but also a fully controlled and inclusive design service right through to finished product.

We can provide initial rough concept drawings through full colour design illustrations to detailed working drawings,
in 2D or 3D CAD format for final customer approval.

Our long experience enables us to maximise the styling potential of PU with optimum functionality in a cost-efficient format.


The PU moulding process not only offers freedom in styling design – it provides mechanical engineers with enormous possibilities to incorporate a variety of fixings, supports, mouldings and other structural aids.

Our advanced material and techniques enable us to form strong casings, locally as thin as 2mm, while thicker sections present no problem. Typical wall sections of 6mm (8mm or 9mm for strength in larger mouldings) may incorporate locating slots, vent slots, bosses and threaded inserts – all moulded in by one single operation.

The material can be used as ‘stylish cladding’ and a structural component dispensing with the need for expensive brackets, metal chassis etc – easing assembly and servicing access.

Our advice at design stage and control over manufacture ensures that our results maintain the balance between strength and good looks – both essential to success.